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Balloon Pop has been particularly designed to provide kids and toddlers with a way to learn basic counting and reading skills from a young age.But, thinking beyond just throwing them at each other, we try to find more ways to watch them bust and cool everyone off.Keep this awesome list of over 50 fun water balloon games handy this summer.

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Have your children...Balloon games can be used as party games, fun fillers, energizers, icebreakers, or for longer trust-building, team building, and therapeutic sessions.

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Funny balloon games for kids to play online at and play our greatest collection of other online addicting games with lots of fun.

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Divide the children into two teams and give each team an inflated balloon to practice hitting it in the air.The aim of the game is have the balloon on the floor as little as possible.

These field day games for kids are all super fun and exciting.

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This was a hot day, and my kids loved it when they popped on them.One thing my kids love about summer is having a chance to play with water balloons. is the largest source of the best online games, including free online action games as well as action games for children.Swap out that soccer ball for a balloon, and let your kids experiment with gravity in a less destructive way.The innovation of a grade school teacher, ABCya is an award-winning destination for elementary students that offers hundreds of fun, engaging learning activities.You can use any one of these fun water balloon activities for end of the year class parties, family reunions, backyard games, and good old summer fun.In the Balloon Pop Subtraction game, you need to pop the balloons to get he answer.

These balloon craft ideas include balloon game like monkey balloon game and balloon pop game.I just remember the thrill of smashing those water balloons at my friends when they least expected it.Your kids love to toss their soccer ball down the stairs, watching as it ricochets off the walls.

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Water balloons were one of the greatest joys on hot summer days for me as a child.

In this fast-paced letter recognition game, kids pop alphabet balloons coming out of windows with a big red pin.Kids thinks balloons are fun, and also some adults thinks it is fun to play with balloons.It is going to be HOT this week, and a perfect time to play with water balloons.Water Balloon Games for Kids It is better to play this game outdoors, like in the park or your backyard, as it is sure to get messy.

Let the kids hit players of the other team, and dodge those balloons thrown at them.At popping balloon game you can play the most fun games where you take a pin and pop the balloons.

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Learn to add the fun way by popping balloons with this exciting math addition game.

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Move the mouse towards the balloon and click with a left mouse button, and a balloon will burst.

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Put small items like marbles, pennies, or balls along with water into the water balloons.This balloon version of Capture the Flag is a fun game for a camping party, family reunion, summer picnic or any event that has several kids and plenty of outdoor space.

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Another balloon game and one of the most fun icebreakers, this takes some advance preparation.

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We have a few simple balloon games that the kids love to play.

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Balloon Bounce is an fun action puzzle game for kids and adults.Just time the teams to see how many balloons were successfully thrown into the bucket in 1 minute.

Make sure that some happy music is playing in the background to add energy to the game.